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Updating 8330 curve

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Curve 8530 users get another official update, this time courtesy of Sprint. The builds just keep getting bigger on these OS 5 releases and it seems like there is an endless supply...[2] According to All Black Berry phones - page was released in December 2009 and the 9930 in August 2011.

[3]And what about PDFs (which, as I noted in my previous post, I was also unable to open)? Would there be any way to add one now, without BIS? Black Berry Curve 8530 users get a treat today with this latest OS.

Throughout last year we regularly released Black Berry® Device Software (a.k.a.

Firmware or OS) updates, including a major one back in the fall.

To set up your Black Berry Internet Service email: If you'd like to connect to your company's email server, please make sure your business has a Black Berry® Business Enterprise Server and that you have enrolled in the Black Berry Enterprise Solution data plan from CREDO Mobile.

The enterprise activation process allows you to set up service on your Black Berry after you have received your sign-in information from you company's Black Berry enterprise administrator.

If you do not have an enterprise activation password, contact your system administration.

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If you’d like to take the initiative into your own hands, make sure to get the nod of approval from your IT department, and skip to Step 3 below. For those of you who have already downloaded and installed the latest version, checking if there’s a device software update available is as easy as pie.

Your Black Berry smartphone allows you to send and receive email from up to 10 supported email accounts. You can do it online at your computer or right from your smartphone.

Note: The username that you choose during the email setup may become part of your Black Berry email address.

The Curve 8530 features the same display as the older Curve, but fits it into a sleek and stylish body that features dedicated media playback buttons.

For an entry level smartphone, the Black Berry Curve 8530 packs a lot of punch!