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Stax validating parser

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Because of the event-driven nature of SAX, processing documents is generally far faster than DOM-style parsers, so long as the processing can be done in a start-to-end pass.Many tasks, such as indexing, conversion to other formats, very simple formatting, and the like, can be done that way.If you want to learn more about XML, please visit our XML tutorial.Tree-based parsers holds the entire document in Memory and transforms the XML document into a Tree structure.The application moves the cursor forward - 'pulling' the information from the parser as it needs.This is different from an event based API - such as SAX - which 'pushes' data to the application - requiring the application to maintain state between events as necessary to keep track of location within the document.In addition to the parsing interfaces, the API provides an XSLT interface to provide data and structural transformations on an XML document.

Current features being considered are improved XPath support (XPath 2.0) and updated XSLT processing, and also an extended St AX Handling API.

This type of parser is well suited for large XML documents.

SAX provides a mechanism for reading data from an XML document that is an alternative to that provided by the Document Object Model (DOM).

It is possible to store a local cache for frequently used documents using an XML Catalog. St AX was designed as a median between the DOM and SAX interface.

In its metaphor, the programmatic entry point is a cursor that represents a point within the document.