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First, the citations available here refer to the size and location of faith groups (number of adherents, meeting units, and countries).

Dating a republican

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I've been single for awhile and though I seem to lack the dating gene, I don't like myself that much where I'm willing to spend the rest of my life in my own company, especially with a limited wardrobe.So I keep trying experimental stuff like smiling and saying hello instead of burying my face in a woolen hat and sneezing. She might be a little more Fox News, and you not so much.Mary Matalin and James Carville have both had careers within the political realm and have opposing views, yet they make it work.I once went to an all you can eat restaurant with a Republican but that was only because she thought that the sign should be interpreted as all she can eat, and the rest be tossed in plastic non bio degradable garbage bags.The dinner conversation with a Democrat might range from personal stories to global warming, healthcare etc.When you start talking with a stranger, and they casually mention something about the wealthy already being overtaxed, you engage in a friendly discussion instead of clamming up and finding the first excuse to leave the room. In NH it’s started in earnest but it’s coming to the rest of the country.

How could I possibly date a Republican when our most important values clash? I don’t expect their families to believe as I do, but they can’t support Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.Most of my fellow liberal friends swear they could never ever EVER date a Republican — but then, I’ve dated one before, and it didn’t bother me at all.(We didn’t ignore the differences/never talk about it, either: we had debates all the time.But on those days where I actually contract a date, I've noticed a remarkable difference between going out with a Democrat and Republican.The most difficult part is getting a Republican of any sort not to say "no," even before you ask them any question.Both of these cliches can be true in relationships — which I guess renders neither of them true — and it’s totally fascinating to me.